Mobile Tomb Raider

You can now play mobile Tomb Raider, one of the most popular real money pokies, on your mobile device. As mobile slots games are taking off, it is no surprise that mobile Tomb Raider has been adapted to the small screen. Yet if you enjoy playing Tomb Raider on a desktop, do not worry. The mobile slots version retains all the high quality animation and game play as the original. It is one real money pokies game that you will not want to miss out.

Lara Croft is Back in Mobile Tomb Raider

All the features of the original are included in mobile Tomb Raider. This real money pokies game is a high speed adventure theme starring the one of a kind heroine Lara Croft. Follow Lara through Ancient Egypt as she hunts for valuable hidden treasure. Yet unlike the movie, video game,and comic books, in mobile Tomb Raider you and Lara can actually find real treasure that you can put in the bank. If you see three identical images of Croft spread out along the reels, then you win the big jackpot in this real money pokies game. It does not matter that you are playing mobile Tomb Raider on a tiny smart phone. You can still win real big as you can with a whole list of mobile slots games. The game developers take the most popular pokies and turn them into mobile slots with all the same features. So all the free spins, wilds, and bonuses that you get in the original Tomb Raider are also present in mobile Tomb Raider.

Don't Click Mobile Slots, Touch

In fact, one of the only differences you will see in mobile Tomb Raider and the other mobile slots games is that you can use the touch screen functionality if you have an iPhone or other touch-featured mobile device. With just a swipe of a finger-tip, you can win cash in this real money pokies game. Besides using the touch screens, mobile pokies can also take advantage of other features unique to the latest generation of smart phones. Some let you play either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. To play real money pokies games like mobile Tomb Raider and other mobile slots games, just go to your favorite online casino and download the mobile casino app. It only takes a minute and is super easy.