Pub Fruity Brings the Pub to Your Mobile Phone

Can a hand-held game ever capture the fun and excitement of real money pokies at your local pubs? It can with the latest version of Pub Fruity, specially designed for the mobile phone for players who like their pokies action on the move. Mobile pokies are a new way to enjoy online casinos, and Pub Fruity is no exception. The classic three-reel, one payline pokie has all the traditional fruit symbols: cherries, lemons, grapes, and watermelons, as well as the all-important Pub Fruity symbol. If a spin yields three Pub Fruity symbols, winnings are multiplied 250 times the original bet, proving that mobile pokies compare favorably with real money pokies in the pubs. Best of all, Pub Fruity mobile offers a special Hold feature, allowing players to hold a spin with two of the same fruit, and spin the third one for another chance for a payout. There is also a Nudge feature, giving players the ability to nudge one of the reels if the winning combination is just about, but not quite, there.

Bonus Games Feature on Mobile Pokies

Players who activate the special bonus games on Pub Fruity get to experience a special treat: a dart contest between three of the characters at the pub, each of whom throw three darts. Players bet on which of the three they think will win the contest. Anyone who chooses correctly sees his winning bet multiplied by 1,000. Picking the one who gets second place nets a multiplier of 500. But even those who guess incorrectly get their bet multiplied 50 times. A second bonus game is called the Pub Fruity Drinks Trail. A player could find his bet multiplied by 500 times, depending on where stops along the drinks trail. The bonus games are based on popular activities at the UK pubs that originally introduced Pub Fruity to a mass audience.

Mobile Pokies Are Real Money Pokies

Like all online casinos, mobile pokies offer outstanding graphics and sound effects, making the betting experience tremendously exciting. When a spin yields three of the same fruit and real money starts to roll in, players will forget there are playing on their mobile phones. The incredible advances in technology have made mobile pokies increasingly popular. An added bonus of mobile pokies is the ability to play for fun without betting, letting players get a feel for the game before putting any money on the line.