Play Mobile Double Magic On Your Mobile Phone

Some mobile phone applications look so good and work so well, it can seem like the product was created especially for the mobile phone. The mobile Double Magic application is a good example. The classic three-reel, one payline slot game translates so well to a mobile format, one may forget that real money pokies have been around for years before the mobile phone was created. In fact, the simple design of most mobile pokies makes them the perfect application for people who want to place some bets while they are on the move. The single payline looks like it was designed for the relatively small window on most mobile devices. The mobile Double Magic will give anyone looking for real money pokies everything he or she wants.

Mobile Pokies Bring Classic Action to the Modern Age

Anyone who thought that the new wave of online video slots, which take advantage of new technology to create exciting five-reel, multiple pay line extravaganzas, would supercede the classic reel slots need look no further than the newest crop of mobile pokies to realize that the mobile pokies are here to stay. While the new games have their obvious appeal, pokies like mobile Double Magic may well dominate the market in mobile slots. People looking for real money pokies will be pleased to find that elements such as wild symbols and multipliers also translate well to mobile pokies. In the case of mobile Double Magic, the blue star is a wild symbol that doubles any winnings for a line it helps complete. A winning line with two blue stars is automatically multiplied four times.

Real Money Pokies for People On the Move

Besides high-quality graphics and exciting game action, the most appealing aspect of mobile pokies such as mobile Double Magic is the ability to play real money pokies at any time, even if a computer is nowhere near. Whenever people find themselves with time on their hands, like while they are riding a train or waiting in line at the bank, they can be winning at real money pokies. They might just hit the Double Magic jackpot - three blue stars in a line for an 800 to one payout. That makes mobile Double Magic a real treat.