Thunderstruck Pokies

You can join forces with the mighty Thor when you play Thunderstruck pokies in the Aussie online casino. According to Norse legend, Thor was a mighty hammer-wielding god who protected mortals from thunder, lighting and other storms while bringing healing and fertility. Norsemen revered him as a strong deity and today Aussie pokies gamers can draw on his strength when playing the Thunderstruck pokies for real money prizes.

Thunderstruck is a five reel, nine-payline, forty-five coin slot machine. You can wager coins representing any amount from .01 to 1.00. If you select the "Bet Max" button you automatically wager the maximum amount without the need to individually enable each separate payline. You click "Spin" to start the game and you can enable as few or as many paylines as you wish. Only wins that occur on an enabled payline achieve their payout.

Real Money Pokies Online Symbols

The Thunderstruck real money pokies online begins with a compelling video introduction of thunder, lightning, storm clouds and the mighty Thor himself to set the stage for the fun that will follow. Thunderstruck symbols include Thor himself, Thor's hammer, lightning, Thor's castle, Thor's mighty hand, rams and a ram's horn.

The Thor symbol is the game's Wild Symbol which can substitute for any other symbol to complete a match. The presence of a Wild symbol in a winning combination doubles the payout of that combination. Thor Wild symbols can also create their own winning combinations when multiple Thor symbols appear together on an enabled payline. Wild symbol combinations do earn payouts but they are not multiplied.

The Thunderstruck pokies scatter symbol is the Rams icon which completes a winning scatter combination whenever two or more rams appear together on the reels. Your scatter wins are calculated by multiplying your total number of regular coins bet with your scatter symbol combination payout. If three or more rams appear simultaneously on the reels they activate the Free Spins Bonus game. Wild symbols do not substitute for Scatter symbols.

Aussie Pokies Free Spins

When three or more Rams symbols appear together they activate the Free Spins Bonus game. Your Free Spins game awards you 15 Free Spins with a multiplier of 3x for every Free Spin win. Your Free Spins bets are the same as the spin that activated the Free Spins Bonus. As you spin your Free Spins your new Free Spins are added to your previous number of free spins for more opportunities to play and win.

Gamble Game at the Aussie Online Casino

Any regular game win activates the Thunderstruck Gamble feature. You can choose to play the Gamble feature or you can skip it and continue to play the regular game. You have, all in all, five Gamble Game opportunities which you can play whenever you wish. During the Gamble game you can play your winnings until you reach your gamble limit and you automatically collect your winnings during the Gamble Round.

When the Gamble Game is triggered you can click "Gamble" to play. You'll be presented with a hidden card and you choose to gamble on the card colour or the card suit. If you guess the card colour correctly (either red or black) you'll double your winnings and if you guess the card suit correctly (from a selection of diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs) you'll quadruple your winnings. If you win your Gamble Round you can play again or collect your winnings and return to the regular real money pokies game.

Thunderstruck Casino Promotions

You can apply your casino promotions to the Thunderstruck pokies game for the opportunity to play Thunderstruck for more time, for free. If you're a new player you receive up to 500 match bonus credits through your Welcome Package Bonus. If you're a veteran gamer you are invited to collect your Loyalty Points which presents you with up to 350 additional Loyalty Points match gaming credits every month.

You can apply your casino promotions to Thunderstruck pokies or any other game at the Aussie online casino.