Good Online Pokies Casinos Know What Their Players Want

A good online pokies casino is one that knows what their player wants. Online casinos cannot just guess what a player wants but after a lot of research and also customer feedback online casinos bring new online pokies on a regular basis. A good online pokies casino can be considered to be one that brings new online pokies at least once a month. These online pokies don't have to be the forefront in technology but they do offer a new game and concept which attracts the online pokies players. New pokies games may come with a special offer or a new concept which will enthrall and invite the player to try it.

Interactive Online Pokies

Interactive online pokies are the latest and most popular new type of pokies games that you can find. These interactive games are not just based on luck and how the reels are spun but the choices that you make throughout the game which is usually multi level and does involve a certain amount of skill. The interactive pokies games start with an introductory story that tells you a little bit about the game, its setting and of course the story line. As you progress through the game you can create different endings to the story which are accompanied by different winning opportunities.

Ways to Win Instead of Paylines for Online Pokies

Another new and extremely popular type of pokies games are ones that offers ways to win instead of standard paylines. Thunderstruck 2 which is a new release and based on the original story of Thor the Norse god of thunder offers 243 ways to win instead of paylines. Ways to win offer many more potential winning opportunities when playing online pokies and make the whole game much more exciting.

Multi-Player Online Pokies

Another great new style type of pokies games that you can find are the multi-player games where more than one player plays the same pokies game and the same time. Up to five players can play this style online pokies games at once and all winnings are shared equally amongst the players where everyone works towards the same goal. This new online pokies game also offers a chat option where you can chat with your fellow players at the same time as playing making it a truly social and enjoyable gaming experience. Online pokies are constantly being updated and improved and the technology is also getting better with clearer graphics and sound. Improvements are always good and only help to make the game even more inviting and enjoyable.