There are 243 Ways to Win at Game of Thrones Online Pokies

When we say that you’ve been invited to enter Westeros, the treacherous land where kingdoms rise and fall by the most violent means imaginable, we have in mind only the best for you!  Westeros is the land of fantasy created for one of the all-time biggest hit television series, Game of Thrones.  Now, Microgaming, one of the world’s leading producers of casino games has produced Game of Thrones online pokies, an adaptation of the great series!   Microgaming’s philosophy has always been to entertain while at the same time giving pokies players the chance to play real money pokies for big wins.  So, while you immerse yourselves in the thoroughly entertaining Game of Thrones Online Pokies, remember that in the free spins real money bonus rounds you may win $121,000!

Several royal families constantly vie for the Iron Throne.  Game of Thrones Online Pokies captures the ever-present fear that radiates from every dusky corner of Westeros and in every conversation.  With every spin of the five reels, you will feel that you, yourself, are on a quest for the Iron Throne.  You will travel through the Four Kingdoms; danger lurks all around; in the free spins bonus rounds you will have to make a fateful decision: with which royal house to place your allegiance!  Aussie pokies online were never this sinister, entertaining, and potentially lucrative!

The Game of Thrones Symbols

Game of Thrones Online Pokies captures the human quest for power.  We call upon creatures of all types to help us.  So, you will fly with dragons, be rewarded by flaming eggs, and protected by wolves despite their having long, frightful fangs. 

But Game of Thrones Online Pokies is just about danger.  There are some subtleties as well evoking antiquity. The symbols sit on an underlay of real parchment.  The symbols of the four Royal Houses have all been carved from stone.   

The music evokes this feeling as well.  Game of Thrones Online Pokies uses the same music as the television series.  The music is so realistic that you will feel like you are truly on a quest in Westeros!

Dual Formats

Game of Thrones Online Pokies has two separate formats.  You can choose to play with fifteen paylines or with 243 ways to win.  If you choose to play with 15 paylines, you will have fewer wins but the wins will tend to be larger.  You have a much better chance to win big when you get to the bonus area if you play with 243 ways to win.

True-to-life Graphics and Animation

The television series has been so popular that Microgaming knew it had to have spectacular graphics and animation.  The graphics and animation enhance the foreboding we sense despite our knowing that Game of Thrones is fantasy writ large!  Many of the main characters from the series are here.  There are symbols drawn from the lives of the women of Westeros and the heavily armored soldiers who fight for them and against them.  The animals also come to life in Game of Thrones Online Pokies.

Wild Symbols Stack

It’s common in Aussie pokies online that the Wild symbol stacks in the bonus rounds; but in Game of Thrones Online Pokies, the Wild symbol stacks even in the regular game!  The Wild symbol replaces all other symbols except the Scatter.  Stacking Wilds give Game of Thrones Online Pokies even more winning possibilities!  The Stacking Wilds in the bonus area help make your winning chances as strong as the Westeros wind!

The Scatter Symbol

The Iron Throne is the Scatter Symbol.  When two Scatters appear, an egg emerges from the screen and you win a small cash award. This is no mere egg.  It is a dragon egg and it is as hot as the North of Westeros is cold!  When three Scatters come up, you immediately feel the full power of the Four Kingdoms!   

You go to the bonus area!  The flags of the Royal Houses fly taut in the merciless Westeros wind!  Then the royal castles appear.  The music hits a fever pitch and you feel the powerful presence of danger!

Capturing and holding the Iron Throne for all eternity is the goal of the Royal Houses.  They fight each other relentlessly.  Now, you must choose which of the Houses you will serve.  You must fight alongside the warriors!   The choice is yours. You can choose any of the Royal Houses.  Remember that your choice portends how you will try to win big in the free spins bonus rounds!

  • When you choose the House of Baratheon you receive 8 free spins and a 5x multiplier.  The House of Baratheon Sigil Symbols stack three high.
  • If you choose the House of Lannister you get 10 free spins and a 4x multiplier. The House of Lannister Sigils symbols stack four high!
  • Choosing the House of Stark has an added feature.  You will run with the wolves that have long protected the royal offspring!  In addition, you will get 14 free spins and a 3x multiplier.  The House of Stark Sigils Symbols stack five high!
  • Finally, you may decide to cast your lot with the House of Targaryen.  First, you will soar with the dragons.  Then, you will receive 18 free spins and a 2x multiplier.  The House of Targaryen Sigil Symbols stack six high!

The bonus retriggers if you get three Scatter symbols.  You truly have the chance to leave the Four Kingdoms with much gold.

Gamble Feature

Whenever you win, you can double it by playing the gamble feature.  Before you flip the Braavosi coin, you choose heads or tails. If you chose correctly, your winnings are doubled.

Never-ending Excitement

Game of Thrones Online Pokies will keep you riveted whether you have seen every episode twice or are just now discovering Westeros!