Win $10,000 at Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies

Aussie mobile pokies just got much better!  Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies is now online!  The new mobile pokies apps make it easy to play Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies.  Given the Aussie love of both pokies and adventure, Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies is certain to be a big hit whether you play just for fun or also as a real money mobile pokies!

The Legend of the Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is a prominent persona in Hawaiian legend.  There were 40 kahunas and they could work magic!  In Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies, you will be challenged to become a Big Kahuna when the volcano threatens to erupt and the Chief calls upon you to bravely subdue the volcano and save his people. 

You Just Wanted a Quiet Vacation!

You are a simple Aussie tourist enjoying the warm ocean on this lovely tropical island. The breeze feels soft on your body.  You have no concerns.  The natives bring you the deliciously enticing local fruits!   The natives are ready to serve you whenever you have a request.  Little do you know that the natives will soon have a big request for you and that it will be incumbent upon you to serve them! 

You will not get any warning.  You will be compelled to become a Big Kahuna or to see the island destroyed!  The fate of the island will be in your hands alone! 

Mobile is Here to Stay

You can play Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies whenever and wherever the mood strikes you.   Everyone has a mobile device!  State-of-the-art no longer amazes us! We expect every new Aussie mobile real money pokies to have great graphics and animation.  Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies has wonderfully created symbols and images and is compatible with most mobile platforms. 

The Fruits

On this island, the native language has no word for winter!  The main products of this tropical paradise are the juicy fruits that grow on almost every tree.

There are six colorful fruits each juicier than any fruit you have ever tasted!  A local lizard spins by.  The lizard darts its tongue out of its mouth in a delightful way.

Accompanying the fruit and the lizard is a grinning monkey.  There is a mountain that the natives call a volcano but it hasn’t erupted in hundreds of years!  The natives seem oblivious to any possible danger.  The Chief is stern but not because of the volcano.

There is also a mask.  The natives hand-carve masks from the hard wood found on the island.  This is truly an island of great artists.  How sad it would be if the volcano did erupt, bringing the island culture to an end!

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild.  It replaces all the symbols except the Scatter.  Five Wilds are especially lucrative.  They pay $8000 times your bet on the winning line.

The monkey is the Scatter symbol.  Unlike the other symbols which pay from left to right, the Scatter pays in all positions.  Also unlike most Scatters, the monkey doesn’t send you to the bonus rounds!

In Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies, there are two special and different real money mobile bonus rounds.  First, when you get three volcanoes, you go to the Volcano Bonus.  Second, when you get three masks, you go to the Mask Bonus.

Volcano Bonus

Your vacation is going so well!  The natives keep bringing you more of the delectable, moist fruits; you laugh at the foolishness of the lizard and the monkey.  From the corner of your eye, you see the busy Chief going about official business.  All the many tourists are having a great time and the native artists are always busy carving masks.

Then the mountain shudders and shakes!  A deep roar bellows forth from deep within the Earth’s crust.  The other vacationers are frozen in panicked fear. Three volcanoes have appeared and you are in the Volcano Bonus.  What can you do to prevent the volcano from erupting?  The knowledge of the only thing that will quiet the volcano has been handed down for generations from Chief to Chief. Only a brave tourist can stifle the volcano.  The Chief chooses you!   A violent thunderstorm rages above the volcano.  The Chief supervises your actions!  You must offer a fruit to the smoking volcano!  Several fruits appear and you must choose one.

You make an excellent choice and the volcano becomes silent!  You receive a cash bonus but now everyone knows that the volcano has become active once again.  Now that you are a Big Kahuna, you may have to save the island again.  Secretly, you hope that to have to quiet the volcano many times!

Mask Bonus

You return to your vacation but now you and everyone pay attention to the volcano.  Then, three masks come up and your attention is diverted to the local artistry: you are in the Mask Bonus.  You see eight hand-carved masks.  The word “collect” lies behind three of the masks.   A cash bonus lies behind five of the masks. You choose masks until you hit “collect”.  Don’t forget to take some pleasure in the native art!

If you are unlucky and “collect” comes up on your very first try, the islanders will try to ease your disappointment by giving you a nice present anyway!

The Chance of a Lifetime

Have you ever had the chance to become a Big Kahuna before?  Becoming a Big Kahuna has always been fraught with danger but by playing Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies often you can demonstrate that the natives and the Chief are correct to place their future in your steady hands when the volcano becomes active!