Jurassic Park Online Pokies

Do you remember the Jurassic Park movies from the 90s that included the dinosaur gone crazy theme? These movies had moviegoers on the edge of their seats, wondering how the scientists were going to clean up their mess and get rid of the dinosaurs who were running amuck. Now, this theme has come to pokies for real money with the Jurassic Park Online Pokies game. The movies were from none other than Steven Spielberg and the pokies for real money has tried hard to recreate the look and feel of the movies. There are birds here in the background and a jungle scene. There is an initial feeling of tranquility but you know that something sinister is hiding behind that tranquility and peace.

The Game Set Up

The free spins for Aussie players and other great features are all part of the Jurassic Park Online Pokies game. The game is a 243 Ways to Win game that has all sorts of special features and fun ways to play. All of the characters from the movie appear here where you’ll see John Hammond, the creator and CEO of the Jurassic Park in the movie. You’ll get to see Alan Grant, Elli Scattler, Ian Malcolm and the other characters from the film.

The dinosaurs are all here from the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptors to the Brachiosaurus and the Triceratops. The pokies for real money opens up with many great symbols. The amber is the scatter symbol and if you have two or more you’ll get a payout. Three or more of them will get you to the free spins. The Jurassic Park logo is wild and it’s also stacked so you can win even more.

Free Spins for Aussie Players

The regular playing is fun enough, but there are also real money free spins here. If you get to the free spins section you’ll get five free spins features and you’ll select which you want to enjoy. The Tyrannosaurus Rex one offers 12 free spins with wild reels. The Velociraptor one offers 12 as well with multiplier wilds and split wilds. The Triceratops feature gives you 12 free spins with running wilds. In the free spins for Aussie players game the Brachiosaurus feature gives you 12 free spins with a mystery multiplier and the Dilophosaurus feature gives you 12 with winning wilds. All of this means that you’ll have great fun as you play and that you’ll have something new and exciting each time that you come back.

Even More Surprises

There is a great surprise in the Jurassic Park Online Pokies game as well with the T-Rex Alert. This random feature offers an extra 35 wild symbols to the reels and loads of fun as you play and enjoy the surprise. All of this means that you’ll have a blast with the pokies for real money game that you won’t want to miss: Jurassic Park Online Pokies.

Between the fun regular play, the real money free spins choices and the graphics, you'll love every minute of this great game. It will keep you on the edge of your seat for every second that you play and enjoy. Get ready for some rocking dinosaur fun today! Anything by Steven Spielberg can't be beat and this game has a theme created by him and a story line that will keep players coming back for more each time that they get in the game today.