Skrill is currently one of the most popular options for players playing pokies at an online casino. Whether the player is interested in receiving or depositing money at the online casino, Skrill requires just a password and an email address in order to transfer the money.

How to Open Up a Skrill Account

Players can easily open up a Skrill account by making their way directly to the Skrill website and registering at the registration page. The whole registration process takes just a few minutes, and when completed, the player will be able to transfer money into his account using a number of different methods. These methods include, bank transfers and credit card deposits from all of the major credit card companies. Skrill does not share any of the players banking information with a third party thus providing the player with total security and privacy regarding both his personal and financial information.

Skrill accepts a number of different currencies, with the currencies being converted automatically, and is accepted in over 200 different countries. When using Skrill for playing pokies for real money, the player needs to simply select Skrill as his banking option and the casino will assist the player through the deposit process. Payments arrive at the online casino almost instantly and the player is also able to deposit his winnings back into his account.

Advantages of using Skrill when Playing Real Money Pokies

Because all of the player’s pertinent banking and credit card information is only exposed to Skrill, the chances of theft and fraud are greatly diminished. Skrill is also a great choice for players who wish to spend larger amounts of money playing real money pokies at the casino without leaving a detailed paper train after themselves.

Many of the online pokies casinos will offer Skrill as a money deposit option and in fact many casinos will even offer the player additional advantages for using Skrill as their deposit method of choice when playing real money pokies.

Players have instant access to their Skrill account with just an email and a password. Skrill is both simple and easy to use and the player is also offered around the clock customer support, not just from the online casino, but also from Skrill.

Skrill is one of the safest, easiest to use, flexible instant payment options available. It is no surprise that Skrill has become one of the most favoured deposit methods for players of real money pokies at the online casino.