Using Instadebit in an Online Casino

One of the issues that players in an online casino must deal with is that of transferring money to fund casino accounts. Specially when playing real money pokies, you need a system that is both convenient to use, secure, and completely private. One solution that many an online casino now employ is to accept Instadebit as a method of payment. With Instadebit, you have a secure way to fund the real money pokies you want to play.

The Convenience of Instadebit

Besides the issues of security and privacy, there are many reasons why you do not want to link your bank account directly to a casino account. For convenience sake alone, you don't want to have to type in all your banking information every time you need to fund your account. You want to maximize your time playing real money pokies in an online casino, not typing in banking details. With Instadebit, after you set up your account it is quick and easy to transfer money. All it takes is a few clicks and you are ready to play. You can fund your account in seconds and don't have to resend all your details.

The Security of Instadebit

The convenience factor would not even be relevant of Instadebit was not secure. Yet you should not worry. Instadebit uses some of the most sophisticated encryption technology found on the internet. No one can hack into your account whether you are playing real money pokies or other games in an online casino. It gives you real peace of mind to know that Instadebit is an extremely safe and secure payment method.

The Privacy of Instadebit

the other nice feature about using Instadebit to play real money pokies in an online casino is the fact that all transactions are totally private. The casino has no access to your account and is not even aware of how much money is in your Instadebit account. Until the funds are transferred to the online casino, you are the only one with any information about your funds. Even after transfer, the casino just lists your casino account, not the online casino account from where the money was transferred. So you can play with complete confidence when you use Instadebit as your financial resource for playing in an online casino. With convenience, security, and privacy, why would you use anything else than Instadebit.